Bring Them Home, or Send Us Back!!

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 Board Members and Points of Contact:


Kurt Falkner - Executive Director
Open - Executive Officer
Penny Falkner - Secretary/Financial
Mike Kelley - Sergeant at Arms
Alicia Kelley - Product Procurement
Col. Craig Morgan - Political Liaison
 - Chaplain
Open - Asst. Political Liaison



To Join:

  You must fill out an Application and pay the $25.00 Membership Fee.  Membership is open to Anyone 18 and older, and you do not need to have prior Military or Military Experience to join.  All you have to do is have the dedication to bring our fallen brothers and sisters home to their families.

With you paid membership you receive:
  -  8x12 Back Patch
  -  2 1/2x3 Chest Patch

You must supply the vest to put the patches on.

**There is a 2 month review and waiting period.  During that time you must attend meetings and or events to show your commitment.
**You must have a General Member or Voting Board Member sponsor you for application.

~ ~ $20.00 Annual Membership due on Anniversary  ~ ~

(Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact a Board Member via email with you questions)

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